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Good News!!

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Good news!! We are back. Our site was called 365airsoft before. As the site 365airsift has been attacking or harassing by the peers or hackers continuously from August and we have received many complaining messages from our customers at that period of time but we can’t be able to offer any Customer service for them. It is really a grueling thing. Then we had to decide to abandon this site and change the name 365airsoft for 365airsoftshop. Now we are ready to start a business again. Here you will find more cheap and excellent quality airsoft products available to our customers who have been supporting our site. We will keep the policy of providing our customers the lowest prices and free shipping to operate in the world. Meanwhile, we will update daily to bring you the best pricing and high quality newest airsoft products, hoping that you can buy the products you like at our online store. Some people might have questions or doubts why we can sell these products at such a cheap price and also free shipping. The answer is simple for that our main company is located in Hong Kong and our branch company that located in China will be in charge of purchasing the products. As we know, China is the world's factory that a lot of airsoft products are manufactured in China. Those airsoft guns or equipment wearing in the hands of 10 airsoft players in the world, eight of them are manufactured in mainland China. As the factory of the world, China offers a lot of cheap quality products. Now come to our online store and take a walk around to pick up what fit you.

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