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WarGame tactics Collection-tactics discussion

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We all know that the wargame and real fighting are very different in substance, except CQB, we also like to go play in the countryside or forest jungle warfare? First venture made public my experience, a lively discussion.
1. Jungle-man mobile
We all know, jungle Well shrubs and trees and overgrown with weeds, in a jungle environment, the line-of-sight barrier of the plant an average of less than 20 meters. So jungle warfare the basic the ambush battle and skirmish. I believe many of my friends have the experience of shooting at close range in the jungle, so the risk factor, but high.
Move in the silence of the jungle, is bound to make some noises. These sounds in their sound is great, most novice comrades will be scared of the sound of their own bodies and plant friction stay where they did not dare move. So, the "weapon" should be the dog mouth down holding the chest in order to facilitate rapid response, footsteps softly, walking about 5 meters stopped about your hearing carefully look around, and then move on. In the trees in the forest road would also have to be careful not to take the Z-shaped route, this is different and practical Oh. Z-shaped waste of time and a waste of strength, vanguard encounter the enemy, but due to the dense jungle, as long as you bent over backward to directly run away fast on the line BB shells in the jungle penetration is not great Oh, and you fast running, you can let the enemy think you are a bait can not catch up to.
Encountered the the lurking enemy or hear the voice of the crossfire, I believe the vast majority of my friends immediately squat down. First of all, the squat is absolutely correct, because this time this time "Gouqietousheng the" human instinct thing, but did not see the enemy position, the temerity to probe unwise, because the enemy is likely also found you aim at the direction of the disappearance of miles, it is likely a probe on the glorious sacrifice ". The correct approach is, first of all know the general direction of the enemy lurking and hear a crossfire, should the enemy vision by blocking party fast-moving, do not think that he was a strong man, lying on the floor crawl. You get on the ground, the area occupied by the ground increases, touch plants, was ambushed case you want to move as soon as possible, exposed to the possibility of their position greater. Should be bent over as far as circumstances permit, duck walking on two feet, as far as it will go dense woods drilled. Do not place in your squat again; Second, try to keep a clear head and self-confidence, because when encountered, most of the enemies and you will be a substantial secretion of adrenal hormones and lead to excessive stress and sweat, which You and your opponent is a severe test. Should not, "he may not see me" thoughts occupy your brain, or wait your only one word - "Hung Up". Third, ambush enemy general will not be easy to move, so be sure to find out the location of the enemy firing, or your hard fled back to life but also given away.
Comrade get ambushed in the the circumstances permit conditions, I personally recommended to squat way to concealed his own tactical mobility.
2. Formation of the jungle
Tactical formations in the jungle, but very useful, basically "free three disasters, go eight difficult. Generally used in the jungle tactical formations laterally arranged in formation and longitudinally arranged in formation, and the triangular formation, the various formations suitable for different landforms and operational premise.
Horizontal formation is generally used for a number of our dominant and to hunt for the purpose and the terrain is relatively flat. This tactical formations is the most conservative, but the effect is very good, generally no one has ever escaped it. But often sacrifice formation of a hapless as a prerequisite to start crossfire.
Vertical formation used in most cases, the terrain is relatively steep, mountain road, flood, steep slopes and other landforms. This formation is typical formation of rapid action, but not for combat. Row in the head 3 and the tail in the longitudinal formation is very important, because of its shoulder reconnaissance and screening functions.

3 triangle formation, which is typical of the offensive formation, is now under the eyes is the most tactical formations. Sub-equilateral triangle, inverted triangle, double triangle, sawtooth, triangle several. Triangle formation more important than firepower concentrated breakthrough, most suitable for rapid assault and seize positions, break through the strong force. Inverted triangle formation is more conservative, but can form dense fire cross, and his teammates between themselves and support each other and cover, is the best choice of the three-person tactical team, however, heavily dependent on the personal qualities of the players inverted triangle formation, As long as a person is allowed to leave or hang up, this formation will be destroyed immediately, which led to the team was destroyed. The double triangle formation is generally applicable to a group of 5 people, 3 first or 2 people in the former, to some extent, make up for the shortcomings of the inverted triangle formation, the biggest advantage of this formation is suppressive fire at the same time maintain a positive, can form two wings opponent and has a comprehensive offensive and defensive coverage. But it still inherited the inverted triangle formation biggest drawback - rely on the quality of man ". Serrated triangular formation from the lateral queue and double triangle formation, in fact, that is a lot of triangle formation together. Firepower cross Needless to say, this formation is the most horrible thing in the emergency can be broken down into a number of triangular formation, each triangle can be a separate offense and defense!

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