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how to get warm in cold winter

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Winter weather is cold, warm is particularly important in mountaineering activities. "Wind chill" or "cold water effect" caused by the loss of temperature of the body, cause colds, frostbite or even fatal. Winter mountaineering should pay attention to cold moisture, to avoid loss of temperature.

To use and carry proper climbing equipment, develop good habits, will effectively avoid the occurrence of the phenomenon of loss of temperature:

1, the three Dress principle: winter mountaineering, as long as you pay attention to the different clothes with, can be a good warm. Each type of clothing are able to provide different functions. Therefore, layered dress can set the characteristics of different clothing, the body in motion remains in good condition, and sweat to evaporate, warm and windproof function.

Under cold weather clothes, warm and windproof function, keep the skin dry inner layer of perspiration quick-drying clothing is also essential, therefore it is important to select the appropriate equipment. In fact, outdoor sports, layered dressing method able to bring you the best results. Layered dressing method can be divided into three for the the underlying clothing is the most personal clothing, the middle warm clothing, outer windproof clothing.

Underlying clothes: the first layer of the underlying clothing is the bottom, the most personal clothing, this layer of clothing is particularly important in cold weather. Cold weather clothing, especially stress level, every level plays different functions, co-ordination to achieve the desired results. Underlying human sweat gas excreted in the shortest time, keep the skin dry. Because sweat will quickly take away the body temperature, ice may form in the cold air, that has made the sweat as soon as possible to leave the surface of the skin, warm logical step.

Middle warm clothing: the second layer for the middle warm clothing, fleece belongs to the man-made fibers, characterized by soft insulation, feel more comfortable than other warm clothing. Multi-layer warm and thin clothing outdoor equipment should be used as the warm layer of clothing more suitable than down. Down coat is very effective warm layer, the down coat stressed maintain body temperature, the benefits of feather is light-weight, and excellent thermal efficacy. Down jacket cloth charge down, the higher the warm, its thermal properties particularly suitable for cold weather and ice and snow for activities.

Outer clothing: The third layer is the outer layer of clothing, wind and waterproof function of this layer of clothing. This layer directly touches the outside environment, clothes and equipment design is also very detailed attention to, such as: flexible hood, turn on the water cup inside the bag, at the same time the use of selected high-performance fabrics.

2, when the stop exercising, the body will feel cold. So the rest of the time you want to add clothing, and rest time should not be too long.

3, even if the temperature is very low, during high-intensity exercise will still sweating. When the underwear, socks were wet with sweat, the body will emit a lot of heat. Reach the campsite or down should be immediately put on dry clothes.

4, in the cooler areas of activity, hats, scarves, gloves can prevent loss of body heat, should carry.

5, climbers should carry raincoats, also wind in addition to rain.

6, in case of emergency, first aid insulation blanket can effectively sustain life.

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