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Talking about U.S. Military IBH Helmet

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In the U.S. Army , there are all kinds of military helmets. For PASGT, MICH2000 military helmets,  many are still serving in the military because of excellent performance. However, in addition to these mainstream helmets, the U.S. military also used a lot of non-mainstream helmet. For various reasons, some of the helmets in the U.S. Army is short-lived that most people cannot understand. Here I will introduce a helmet for special operations personnel -- IBH helmet.

U.S. IBH helmet stands for "Integrated Ballistic Helmet". It is composed of ILC Dover Company and USSOCOM ( United States Special Operations Command ).  ILC Dover is a company specialized spacesuit for NASA ( National Aeronautics and Space Administration ), its research strength is very strong. After authorization, ILC Dover company began producing IBH helmet  from the mid-1990s. Judging from the appearance, IBH draws a certain extent from the classic PRO-TEC extreme sports helmet. The most notable feature  for both two helmets is the helmet body radiate round, do not use ear design, so soldiers can wear IBH helmet using noise-canceling headphones. With four-point suspension system, lined part of certain modular crash pad, soldiers can be freely adjusted to their needs, suspension parts in the back of the head is also equipped with liner wear will feel more comfortable and stable. Although many active duty military are using this modular crash helmet liner design, this design is very avant-garde 20 years ago.

Night Vision bracket can be installed and quick released in the front of the helemt in order to equipped with night vision. Given this situation, Wilcox company dedicated to IBH helmet launched several models Night Vision stent , the soldiers can mount AN/AVS-6, PVS-7, PVS-14, PVS-15, PVS-18 and other nights as the instrument on the helmet. However, compared with FAST Helmet MICH series, IBH is capable of carrying a lot of equipment, but can not install the tactical rails. IBH bulletproof performance is also very general, must not be made ??public with the U.S. military ballistic helmets par, only able to resist fragmentation / shrapnel impact , provides soldiers with lightweight protective measures. For various reasons, this helmet does not mass production, produced only 700 or so to 2000.

IBH Helmet mainly served in the Navy SEALs, Air Force pararescue team and other special operations units. Personally think that this helmet is mainly for special operations personnel used in short-haul operations. For special warfare units, their combat form is not to scale frontal attack , the main or to perform reconnaissance , infiltration, arrest and other tasks based. They carry out their duties, there is sufficient logistical and firepower support, coupled with the amount of training special forces far beyond conventional forces, special operations personnel head by a bullet or shrapnel hit probability is relatively small, so IBH helmet can meet their operational needs.

If you want to get to the U.S. original IBH helmet, it's much more difficult than finding the latest U.S. military carbon fiber FAST helmet, because its production is too low. If you just want to look special operations personnel COS shape, you can engage in a domestic engraved IBH helmet, their prices is harmony, and very easy to find. Personally think that  consider IBH helmet as a platform and equipped with tactical equipment, give full play to your imagination , DIY their own favorite IBH helmet, this is the most interesting! Wanna check some airsoft helmets, pls go to

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