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The new civilian military flashlight

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X300 Pistol light we should have heard, the unique seesaw switch to the rear easier to operate than the form of buttons, but also easy to use right hand. This classic gun lights are also a number of people used in everyday life, but still a little inconvenient civilian gun lights, such as the presence of rail interface inconvenient grip problems, and now this classic products are suitable for everyday civilian version.

Y300 Ul brought us a revolutionary change, we designed a QD mount for it magnetic, so I chose a very flexible installation. The lights are battery installed side by side, so the size of short and pithy, it is suitable to hold in your hand. As for its optical properties, thanks to high-performance LED lamp beads and carefully designed TIR lens, the lamp lumens can be as high as 500, in this life time of 2 hours brightness. If you need more battery life, you can give up the temptation of high brightness, then low brightness mode, this lamp provides 15 lumens of brightness up to 15 hours of battery life.

Bottom Y300 U has a strong magnetic magnetic base that can be connected to a metal surface in a fixed, no matter how smooth, friction how small can adsorb, and traditionally, this surface is a nightmare for the installation of lights for. The magnetic base can also be connected to a belt clip, making Y300 U can be clipped on a belt or tactical vest and other items carrying the line, but when you need a catch can be taken down. This ability to quickly release and quickly accommodated in a tactical environment is very important. The lamp has a two-way steel pocket clip, you can also pondering pondering how this could play out in Annex what new tricks.

Light body with a Military aviation aluminum anode hard after oxygen treatment, extraordinary durability. Light body with a few seals to dust and water, making the Y300 U can meet some of the harsh requirements.

       It is worth mentioning that the lights are not designed for the use of weapons, and if you need a similar gun lights, Surefire suggest you choose X300U

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