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Make sure you are safe when in the game.

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Airsoft, first from the Midwest, was introduced into Japan in the 1970s. This game is not only an outdoor activity but it is also an opportunity to experience the personal will and quality. In just a few years,  this game quickly around the world, many large, medium and small businesses more consider it as a goal, and actively participate in and organize various field activities, through this game, guide and inspire staff to play to their potential, in order to improve the viability and competitiveness.

Participating in airsoft games, people are able to get plenty of exercise and self-reflect, from self-protection strategies judgment, decision-making and to develop players' confidence execution, adaptability to their individual leadership abilities and team spirit, and so on.

For personal equipment/airsoft combat gear, the most important thing is safety goggles/masks to protect the eyes / face shield,  can be divided into: 1) mesh mask, 2) glasses, 3) goggles, 4r) transparent plastic goggles.
Mesh Mask: The disadvantage is partly due to the use of eye protection metal mesh manufacture, so as to use a lighter when the BB, BB bullet fragments will have the opportunity to fly into the eye, the mesh will be depressed in gun cases, such as for multiple use or multiple gun at the same location, then the effectiveness of eye protection would be significantly reduced.
Protective glasses is very high, and can be used simultaneously in the BB and PAINT-BALL, some models even protect the neck, forehead and ears. But there are drawbacks: the lens are easy to spend, high prices, and there are reflective gas.
Goggles are also quite high, but only to protect the eyes, the advantage is flexible and convenient, the disadvantage is that only protect the eyes can not protect the denomination.

The novices do not buy too much or too long model of air guns, long guns will affect the flexibility WARGAME, not suitable for the novice.When using an air gun, you must wear airsoft mask/goggles or face shield, or BB shells rebound.

Airsoft games really is a very fun event, to find a group of friends to play with it in tune better, you can share experiences and have fun. Although it is not using real firearms, but also has its dangers, causing blindness situation is not impossible, so pay special attention to the activities of the places and the use of equipment.[ ]

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