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Airsoft — rules of the game

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Team Battle is  two teams, while individuals naturally belongs entirely personal battle fighting game. When the participants gathered together at the same time, the order will be entered in the respective provisions of the battlefield, and when after a pre-agreed time (about 3-5 minutes), the game will officially begin. Of course, some people will choose to whistle as the starting signal. The same type of airsoft game and the team battle, was hit FireWire needs to step down, to advance truce demarcated area to rest. In the absence of the banner competition, so the game to the final winner is the only person to survive. In this game, the absence of any of his comrades, so every minute should be on high alert, even though only about 10 minutes of the game, but also very jaded.

In conclusion, whether it is personal or team battle war, both have different difficulty and stimulate a sense, as to those who choose to play that kind of game, it is purely a matter of personal preference only.

Although these two are the most popular field game play, but when the actual game, we must first take account of, do not always affect others based. Gameplay is secondary, hoping that all the player can keep this in mind. While everything should have a Master of others, but some environments are also inevitable, such as wearing a camouflage tactical jacket appeared in a convenience store, play this without too curious eyes of others. But one thing it can not be ignored, the surrounding environment is not damaged or soiled, particularly the need to ensure that the fire extinguished before leaving the scene after the fire, because by playing war games people survived the fire cause fires thing, are also common.

In addition, there is one thing that must not be forgotten, in any environment, as long as the game in progress, then we have to wear tactical goggles or other protective airsoft combat gear, even in the designated region is no exception truce because Shooter there is always a certain risk.

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