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Feelings and experiences of airsoft game

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Feelings and experiences of airsoft game

1, control ammunition, try to make some way. This principle is suitable for airsoft, plastic pellets field, bullets are limited, so you must control your ammo, not a battlefield, whether or not targeting the opponent, no matter the distance on a pass fire this will only make you bombs away, other people playing the whole day, you can only be sidelined!

2, to seriously listen to the instructor to explain the use of airsoft equipment, do not  only distracted.  Some minor problems in the instructors airsoft combat gear often appear often to teach trainees how to be resolved, and if you do not teach humbly listen, you'll battle back and forth looking for instructors to repair equipment, equipment old problems, you also can enjoy playing it?
3, to control, but this is to control your physical, airsoft is a physical work that way, you have to run all over the mountain, but also armed with 3-5 kg of high simulation equipment, it is not a small amount of exercise that you can do one on the battlefield carried away, like rhinos do not like to rampage when the bullet is still being waged, your chakras and small universe advance ran out. Remember that there is an extended stay arrows in the back of the strategy.

4, attack, attack and then attack! If you always allow others to attack its own, it is a great mistake. Good old saying, the most effective defense is a good offense. Do not hide behind bunkers sidelines, dreaming or sleeping in a daze waiting for the end of combat! Attack, attack, attack and only you will be able to participate fully experience the real fun of airsoft game. Of course, not alone offensive, blind attack will be reduced to cannon fodder! Before the attack must undergo rigorous strategic and tactical planning, to fully estimate the enemy situation, the number of ammunition contrast, according to the battlefield terrain, personnel situation in the act, to learn outflanking, alternately covering fire, in front of people rushed forward, back and sides people should be covering fire.

5, effective covert and protect yourself if you want to live in and enjoy playing, the premise is that you can not prematurely "hang" stay "martyrs cemetery" can only be determined only sigh Kills powerless! How to protect yourself? Check some airsoft shop or sites for info.
1, to find the nearest best bunker, such as trees, sandbags, oil drums, trenches against the bunker shot, do not be silly when standing target.
2, the move must learn hunched forward, or creeping forward, the probability of such a shot will be relatively low.
3, when you hidden in a bunker after a period of time, you should move to another location, because the enemy chances are you have discovered, has slowly closer to you, and you unaware, become a rat in a hole!
6, to be good at using devious tactics, and circuitous in vigilance
(1) Looking for a secluded circuitous route is very important, otherwise outflanking raid impossible.
(2) The opponent is likely to strengthen preparedness in his flank, even ambush you may be circuitous route, then you would be unlucky . So in a roundabout way should you do to maintain proper vigilance
(3) Do not try to sound when covert detour
(4) When you body in ambush, do not panic, immediately get down, prostrate, find the nearest bunker hidden

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