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Tricks to win the game

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Tricks to win the game

1, separately attack. Do not let his teammates too much alone, should build as many troops, and look for opportunities to find each other and the single player accusation. When the real battle field command, do not go to seize the other's position, we must first look for each other's position, and in a bid to one or more scraping destroy them, thereby victory. Certainly gets the job done and ensure one's advantage to keep the number of staff on better
2, note Contact defensive discusses offensive operations. The whole game airsoft, is the first to make a reasonable and thorough defense, then fast, bold attack, should also pay attention to the offensive and defensive as a whole, does not exclude defensive attack, attack defense war nor repel the attack must be very careful to take to fully assess the specific situation and the enemy of both the number of firearms, airsoft combat gear, and never should, regardless of indiscriminate reckless.

3, hesitant in the face of adversity and cringe behavior, or tentative attack is very harmful, it will lead to ultimate failure. In a serious crisis, should not have the slightest hesitation, indecision always leads to failure, but never reverse the situation. Team will lose their dignity, being branded a coward to do

  4, good sports team to get the victory, we must learn to shift to compensate for the insufficient number on the quantity or equipment. The most simple exercise is the best exercise. For now, in my opinion, all the complex strategy should be discarded. Flank exposed tactics should be avoided, non-use can not, require shorter distance as possible and maximize transfer speed. In short, playing against a real person must be simple and fast. In the battle to attach great importance to the game, enemies do not want you to do

5, multi wrong enemy, headed the attack. Forcing the other to divide our forces, the central emptiness, and then took the opportunity to provide a quick attack from the central breakthrough; sometimes in many different venues massive attack posture pretending to confuse mobilize each other, and then suddenly attack in another area, so that the other surprise, wear airsoft helmets or airsoft masks, sometimes multiple times a feint to paralysis enemy offensive operations cover the real attack

6, the use of missteps, immediately hit. In the confrontation process, should take keen insight, to find and use the other's missteps, and can at lightning speed to devastating blow to the enemy. Of course, this should have a good analytical ability and judgment is not want you to take advantage of each other, and then give you a devastating blow

7, pay attention to morale. From before the official start, we can encourage the morale of the method when taking his teammates decide the outcome of war is mainly spiritual strength , rather than quantity. All to the actual situation based, adaptable, able to win the tactic is good tactics.

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