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Raiders info of airsoft game

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Raiders info of airsoft game

1. Keep plenty of physical
The body must not say what kind of level, play a very good area, but be sure to keep plenty of physical fitness. Airsoft coach told me that the field is simulated combat games, you can have crossfire and "sacrifice" in a very nervous state, but also the transfer of covert own psychological burden will certainly feel the body is not on at any time. Leading players is very important to maintain a good attitude, "military subjects by learning simple, familiar battle scenes, adjust their attitude, his comrades died on the battlefield, there is team spirit is very important; same time, himself a psychological suggestion, I am not a person in combat. "

2. Combat Team

The Court does not rule out the natural scene military genius, but more people need to nurture. Team composed of Cross Fire, joint offensive and defensive team communication is very important. Jungle warfare sign language is very important, "SWAT command of sign language in the worldwide web search, you can learn the simplest and most common sign language, like the collection, I found the enemy, the enemy to stay in front, etc., airsoft combat gear can be through precise gestures, covert expression; shouted each other know that you and your team's position. "

Some senior players in the battle is usually quiet, but the fighting efficiency is very high.

3. Do not waste bullets

Many players want to experience playing with machine-gun fire of pleasure. But happily completed and must swallow the bitter pill itself.
Under normal circumstances, BB bulets can accommodate 600 rounds, more adequate. Paintball is usually only 40, each clip can hold 20 rounds of ammunition per person. Therefore, many players ignore the problem quickly shot bullets, had a fight. After all, this is not a computer game can not be unlimited shooting. More info, check here:

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