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Feasibility Analysis Of Airsoft Sports

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Feasibility Analysis Of Airsoft Sports

1, The background of airsoft sports originated in Europe and America in the 1970s, and soon swept the world since 1998, China's outdoor sports in Shanghai, Beijing and other places quietly rising. In China has rapidly become a social fashion, outdoor sports population continues to grow, reflecting the popularity of outdoor sports people in deteriorating urban environment and increasing work pressure, the desire by intimate contact with nature, relax, relieve strong desire to stress, physical fitness. Airsoft game could in the outdoors and indoors. As a new form of new recreational sports, he not only has the features of other outdoor sports, the key is that it has a high interest, resulting in a resonance between it and the players, a detailed analysis on the following market analysis inside the heart interpretation. People inside the city in addition to the house of your own home, the outside space is basically the crowded Square Park, facing the increasingly crowded cities, people from the heart more nostalgic past vast world. Airsoft game in China began in 2002, paintball, BB balls and laser emission of these three forms, since BB has the characteristics of destruction, so the state is strictly prohibited. Paintball cause environmental pollution, and to many players occupy paintball clothes left imprinted, so their mood is affected.

2, compared with other sports, it has the following salient features:

1), the participants become soldiers dream come true, and will not leave any pain;
2), the whole "battlefield" is under high-tech, real-time monitoring, the control system automatically and impartial judgment does not give the slightest room for cheating;
3), both participants are still snipers commandos, with a range of up to 400-800 m laser "gun" so that they have sufficient space to display their skills.
4), regardless of age and gender, but also whether novice or battle-hardened veteran, as long as the fighting as a team to participate in the dream to experience excitement and pleasure, airsoft sports are able to meet their needs.

3. Features
1), the main purposes: laser countermeasure system, using a laser, computer, wireless communications, GPS positioning sensors and other advanced technology to transmit infrared laser instead of live ammunition. The system can be used for military training, military defense education, outdoor sports, is paintball gun, BB gun alternative. Flexible system expansion design allows the user to select the system configuration and functions according to the actual situation. Laser confrontation is a new orienteering, outdoor sports and military expansion.
2), Features: Use safety - this system uses a laser on the human body without any harm! Very low operating consumption; repair and maintenance is simple; hypothermia can be used; determine the outcome objective - the system automatically determine the outcome.
3), Each soldier equipment mainly by airsoft vest, tactical helmet, laser transmitter consists of three parts.

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