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Movement Tips In Airsoft Game

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Movement Tips in airsoft

Move is the first soldier in combat skills to master. Move skills must continue to practice until it becomes habit. To avoid exposure to enemy fire, the soldiers must avoid exposing their profile, to avoid the open, before selecting the next possession movement
Body ground. 

 1, through the corner of the first to carefully observe the situation around the corner before crossing. In the corner of the common mistakes is to reveal weapons from the corner, exposing their position. Correct observation skills are: soldiers lying on the ground, to avoid revealing weapons, with a good airsoft helmet, stuck his head out, can be clearly observed.

2, crossing open ground streets, alleys, squares like the open land should be avoided, it is the natural enemy of annihilating area. But if you follow some basic principles, but also safe crossing. A have a personal plan of action, movement between buildings to go the shortest route to minimize the exposure time. B down one position before the campaign, to visual observation, select one of the best hidden location, and select the appropriate motion path. Listed below is the so-called "intangible movement" is being attacked should take turns (S-shaped) to move freely, so that the enemy does not have enough time to do precision shooting to you. Determined not to do in front of the twists and turns of his teammates (S word type) movement, only to let his teammates mistakenly hitting you. When you stop, you have to find the right bunker, it makes you not to be found or be attacked. Try not to be able to predict from an enemy bunker to another bunker (From Cover to Cover), because the enemy will always the muzzle aimed at this route when you attack in the bunker, you should always change firing position, let the enemy confused, so that he can not predict the exact position you have. Do not shoot on the move, as the shooting accuracy will be low.  Keep moving, which makes the enemy in addition to looking outside you must also predict your actions, in addition, if you stay too long will only make the enemy does not move around to attack you from the side. On the move, as far as possible the use of good bunker or covert, which makes the enemy can not know your close.

In a word, is to let the enemy hard to see you, and let the enemy is difficult to attack you on the right.

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