What do you think airsoft game is?

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What do you think airsoft game is?

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Airsoft is a fun and exciting game, but you must choose the right place when a good game, the best place designated or less in some places people avoid unnecessary for passers-by to bring harm and hunted the GA. In this note, do not shoot people with a BB gun everywhere, not only annoying, but also cause unnecessary harm to others and bring their own troubles!

There is a certain danger playing airsoft game, it must be good security measures, the most basic defense equipment is goggles/airsoft mask, if no such basic equipment can not be carried out of the game, because the eyes are susceptible to damage fragile. Players can also wear VEST and BDU, to prevent bodily harm to shape the preferences with you, but do not need to wear was too heavy, so act inconvenient, because BB bomb lethality is always limited. And WARGAME the essential equipment is the same as another weapon, and basic weaponry is BB GUN, if they can be installed for the entire field army clothing and equipment, naturally more involved, but also more fun. Equipped with military equipment and airsoft combat gear, more commonly, but the main ten to respect gun fire into the long and short of fire; fire with electric Airsoft long as the mainstream, while the short fire ?? is still generally pistol ?? high pressure gas as the main power source.

Airsoft games is actually a military combat game imitation, participants were put on sections of uniforms, armed with toy gun, with sections of the field equipment, shuttling between the jungle, to show a variety of formations formation, personal skills, and whole-heartedly plays a soldier, a general angular style. Since the war games are an imitation of military operations of the game, of course, to decide who will win it! But how to decide who will win it? Participants can play the game a soldier or a general, Participants will also be installed for the entire real military equipment, but the game is a game, after all, the participants are not really died. So before you start when you should first discuss with other participants "How play"; what constitutes victory, what constitutes defeat. Game can be colorful: to annihilate each other for the purpose of "annihilation"; quitting the "encounter"; to conquer new territories for the purpose of "battle"; speed to win the "grab the flag"; "test reactions ambushes "; heavy formations organizations" to protect dignitaries,  To what constitutes that killed it? One of the play is the "shot dead", shot dead refers to whether any part of the body or equipment "shot" means that the participant has been "killed." There is also a play is the "fight POWER" is everyone in consultation under the circumstances no matter how many good gun can continue fighting until recognize dead end. Come and check our airsoft shop if you need some airsoft gear you want.

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