The benefit of airsoft sport you should know

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The benefit of airsoft sport you should know

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1, Airsoft sport helps relieve stress. It helps to release the leading real pleasant feeling of human hormones, known as endorphins in the B-endorphin, thus helping to relieve stress. If who think the recent work pressure, in addition to doing the SPA, airsoft masks but also can find our fellow men to PK inning!

2, Help you to sleep. On the one hand is the pressure to slow the relationship; the other hand, muscular and nervous excitement, and afterwards it will feel more relaxed, and thus help you to sleep.

3, help immunity soaring. When the secretion of endorphins increase, will have a happy and relaxed mood, incidentally, promote the secretion of immune proteins. So called cure seems real, physical disease!

4, It can remain beautiful. Airsoft, the hormones will accelerate the secretion of adrenaline, and sex hormones can increase the beauties of their femininity, adrenaline will make the skin look more bright and transparent. So much airsoft sport, do not even SKII, and Money earned will not be gone!

5, It can increase self-confidence. Battle of the process to feel loved, pet, being needed, being taken seriously, so let yourself feel attractive, but also more self-confidence. And who can refuse the temptation of being loved and pet it?

6, It can prolong life. According to statistics, happily married people than the single and divorced persons live longer. The happy marriage also contains a happy account. Airsoft combat gear It will allow beauties and handsome happy life together over a lifetime.

7, It helps the heart and circulatory system. Since airsoft game will increase the heartbeat and blood pressure, can stimulate the activation of their heart, blood vessels function. Its exercise is pretty big!

8, It help maintain the body. A kiss burn 12 calories, 15 minutes of the game burn 100 calories, airsoft shop but also consume 200 calories per hour even the most gentle of airsoft. After eating dinner, do not forget to come bit, consume excess calories.

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