How to choose your equipment

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How to choose your equipment

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Equipment humanity is the use of high technology to digitally reproduce the real battlefield environment in which people can experience a variety of battlefield equipment. By participating in the practical activities, you can play to people's intelligence, organizational every battle plan, each step, the implementation of the strategic objectives of each task and ultimately, achieve physical and mental exercise. Therefore, when choosing airsoft equipment, you should pay more attention to function and indicators, the selection of those to reflect more accurately the real battlefield equipment. Then, in the actual event, what equipment to use, you can experience a more realistic battlefield environment?
The purpose of determination, is to understand what it looks like on the battlefield, and the environment is more consistent with the requirements of the device. Regardless of any battlefield, the basic weapon is a gun, airsoft helmet, the gun needs to have the following five points:

First, the appearance of a firearm, should be possible for the gun. If only guns, odd shape, there is no concept of fuzzy shape is not guns, it inevitably will be surprised that the participants were not interested.

Second, the simulation operation, at least he should be able to aim, red dot sight is not decorative, should have the basic functions. Play a role, that is the trigger, because most of the weapons are coking.

Third, in line with the laws of nature, we all know that the farther away from the target, the more difficult to hit the target, the target distance is closer and easier to reach the goal, which is the basic law of nature.

Fourth, the real battle is a fierce confrontation environment, guns and other equipment of the collision, abrasion phenomenon is inevitable, so we will ask when selecting equipment and durable, with considerable strength, touched crack Pull device is not desirable.

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