How to build company's team culture by airsoft sport

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How to build company's team culture by airsoft sport

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On weekend, feel an airsoft game experience. As the game to come out of the "battlefield." Although the fighting has not yet started, and my heart is still very excited, can not wait to start confrontation.

Put airsoft equipment and clothing including airsoft vest, boots holster etc, wear a protective tactical helmet and airsoft mask.

How should hit the target or avoid being hit? After a simple deployment, both offensive and defensive launched a contest will be in the hills. Dense bush, rugged mountain, nestled in the corner, as well as bunkers scattered around. Cloister pillar, under canopies, on the wall, even in the short haystack, the depths of the alley. An inattentive, the probe camouflage, could have been hit. Several rounds down, though tired, but having all the fun. This activity is not only a human can compete with the technology, but also reflects the spirit of teamwork.

A good team on a mission to have a unified thinking, on this basis, then a reasonable division of labor. Everyone is not necessarily all-rounder, but with skills in one area,  understanding, working together, we carry out their duties, his job well and do a good job with the rest of the team, this team only is a good team.

Secondly, as every member of the team, you need to trust each other, support, and give them confidence. Believe in yourself, but also to believe partner. We do anything when first we must believe in yourself! You be possible to accomplish this task, but also a signal to the companion: I can be trusted, which requires use action to show that only trust each other for the same goal, the entire team can be successfully carried out. This requires us to work to win the respect of colleagues and help must pay the same respect and sincere help.  Airsoft is a special development training, to experience under the sentiment. I believe that every employee inspiration from airsoft, and can truly team spirit applied to the actual work.

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