Airsoft Game Field FAQs

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Airsoft Game Field FAQs

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Airsoft, originated in the United States and Europe, now has swept the world, becoming Paint Ball) with AirSoft. Following the new military combat simulation exercise.

Compared to the BB and paintball, fight highlight the advantages of its body without any harm to the environment clean, good imitation of the battlefield effects and other characteristics, using a laser imitation guns and modified induction system, a full set of equipment from the US Army Myers training system of war, are recognized as the world's most realistic scenario to mimic field system. Participants dressed in camouflage clothing and holding mock gun in the jungle, ruins and trenches fighting the shuttle, like a real battle brings tremendous excitement and sense of accomplishment.

How to use a laser to achieve the combat against? When fighting, need to wear special induction combat vest and tactical helmet, by accepting signals emitted by the  gun to simulate the actual confrontation.

Shooting when there will be real effect? Firearm itself simulates the sound of shooting and recoil. Of course, firing live ammunition and there are still differences, sound and relatively mild recoil much.

How do I know if hit the opponent out? After hitting the opponent, his airsoft vest will beeps, indicating already hit the opponent.

After being hit will react? When the opponent is hit, combat vest will be shining lights, there will be accompanied by vibration, the gun will not issue bullets killed.

How to determine the outcome of it? For single people, the value of life would mean the end of the fighting exhaustion. The outcome of the battle is based on the integration of computer statistics drawn that kills more integration is higher. For the teams, the winner is determined based on combat missions, such as in the annihilation of the combat mission, survived more than one soldier wins; under the protection of VIP's combat mission case, according to VIP was assassinated successfully to determine whether the outcome.

Participated in airsoft games, equipped with any requirements? Will be put on the camouflage, but must wear tactical boots.

Where there is a receiver? In front of the head sides, four receivers, the body has five front and back have a receiver.

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