Experience the pattern of airsoft game

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Experience the pattern of airsoft game

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In airsoft games, some reasons can be divided into four categories:

1. Because losing, or force majeure cause, or both the overall strength of the gap is too large, they were still grow in practice to be more improved.

2. due to slump, slump is always inevitable, it is inevitable physiological factors. Abnormally frequent mistakes, that is the state of the doldrums.

3. fatal mistake, this situation may well laugh, do not bear a grudge. Wear your protetive airsoft mask and airsoft helmet.

4. In order to lower the error. Unlike low-level error mistakes, it can be overcome. The lowest level of error than standing strong play Death and Decay zone curse, or with spy also desperately fled the shadows.

Additionally, if you do not know the reason to lose, then not only failed to grasp the meaning of victory knack, and easily the adverse effects of mood. After all, the purpose of the game is to enjoy a sense of accomplishment.

Will lose situation

1, both the strength of the gap is too large to win through subtle tactics and superb strategy
Opponent is not Yedian but it is strong as hell, this is the same God encounter opponents. Actual strength is relative, that many do not understand, lost to teammate. Teammates play so seriously also unwarranted duties, no amount of guest, indeed; mutual responsibilities caused by teammate centrifugation, indeed unwise plan.

2, both the strength of the gap is too large to win through subtle tactics and superb strategy
Teammate very novice when there is a benefit. Determining the battlefield situation flexibly adjust combat tactics are essential qualities of good winner, which means that the front of his teammates too novice battlefield difficult to contend with airsoft combat gear, shelter edge quo is the best policy.

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