Rules Of Survival In Airsoft

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Rules Of Survival In Airsoft

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1. BBs range in 50--70m, was shot in the 50m range are quite lethal, not to be shot and killed each other, effectively concealed and protect themselves become the primary task. While being hit by a paintball no mortal danger, but no one wants to be the loser. To reduce the chance of being hit, you have to try to take advantage of the terrain and obstacles, as well as reduce their stature is the first thing you need to pay attention to. Hiding behind obstacles or bunkers, is a better way. However, at some point you still need to change the defensive or offensive, then it should involve the movement problems.
2. Do not blindly fire. No bullets and died on the battlefield can equate no bullets killed staff members will be considered out of the battlefield, if it exits on unless you are willing to become a target. Do not waste bullets purpose is go to waste their money. So once the fire, we should have clear objectives, mind must be clear and fired for what is to attract each other's attention, so that fellow can successfully detour; or in other fire suppression, you can make the side for the covert transfer companion place; or there is an excellent shooting opportunity to serve, you can send in up to three hearts have a clear foundation. Shooting blind is impossible to hit the target experience fun.

3. To learn outflanking front offensive operations. Because you are in front of the hard attack is very easy opponent to be hiding in a bunker after the hit. So how can without causing the other note, the detour to the flank or rear of the opponent's attack is that we should try to solve the problem. Generally speaking generally as always cover these types of roles: slow, sturdy body susceptible to hit the opponent; shot hit rate is not high; or is unable to complete the circuitous tactics actions. In fact, as the roundabout that the person does not need good marksmanship, because once you can successfully detour to the flank or rear of the opponent, then the opponent is completely exposed weaknesses in your sight, as long as a good grasp probably direction, you can hit the unsuspecting opponent.

4. roundabout in the alert. Do not think that only the genius of this roundabout you will come up with tricks, the opponent is likely to strengthen preparedness in his flank, for example, sent a possible ambush on your circuitous route, it would be bad for you. So the way you do the detour should remain quite wary. Reduce his body hit the area can be quickly and efficiently find their own path forward can be hidden, all you have to do. When you ambush, do not be nervous and do not panic, immediately lie down is the right first choice, so you can make your body area is minimized. Observe enemy hidden location, while rapid selection can be further concealed their locations.  Do not make noise is the most important as far as possible.

5. Note that the opponents of the detour. When the companion to the opponents detour while the opponent is also possible in this play are the target of attack Founder detour. So as the people who are attacking the surrounding circumstances must be vigilant to avoid being attack opponents. Up to attacks from the front, but because there is an obstacle to do good defense, so the smallest threat, the real threat is from your flank or rear. Once the opponent to occupy a favorable flank or rear, I think your body must inevitably in the last two shots. Ways and circuitous transfer position in the same way as the transfer position ambush. The next choice is just to avoid the position must be able to defend.
6. It is simply an entertaining fight game, everyone just to relax as the goal. So to remind you to do anything you have not done or there is a risk factor when action must be within our capabilities. Do not lose the greater, dragged his injured body home. Airsoft abroad has been popular for many years in the game, participants can play their favorite military role. Most of the military enthusiasts generally have their own love of the troops, their tactical vests, airsoft helmets, combat boots, magazine pouches, tactical gloves, has been to use the weapon will completely mimic the force.

Airsoft participants generally relatively stable by their own partners put together a team. They tactical actions and cooperate fully in the game is an imitation of the real special forces operations, very realistic. And this with the emphasis on individual tactical ability at the same time, more emphasis is teamwork, so in a foreign country, there are a lot of companies will organize staff to participate in the game, to foster team spirit.

BDU: full name is the Battle Dress Uniform, namely combat uniforms, soldiers are all perennial wearable clothes, usually by the shirt, pants, cap and tactical jackets and other components. In the game, wearing BDU mostly in imitation, mostly through the use of scratch-resistant fabric treatment. BDU generally worn on a variety of signs to indicate the military belongs to the armed services, military, and rank and so on.

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