Z Tactical High Configuration Noise Cancelling Comtac II Headset


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1. earmuffs changed to silicone earmuffs (high frequency sealing process). Improve wearing comfort.
2. microphone change funds. Change to military version specifications.
A total of 2 parts: microphone connector and silk screen on the microphone copper (Talk word)
3. the circuit board sprayed three anti-paint. Waterproof, dustproof and antistatic.
4. Sound-absorbing sponges on the earmuffs increase the silkscreen lettering: L (left) and R (right). Improve the visibility before wearing and make it easy to wear.
5. The surface of the headband changes to litchi lines. Closer to the original texture.
6. soundproof sponge surface plus spray waterproof paint, water vapor and sweat through the sound insulation sponge into the earphone shell. Water resistance further improved.

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