Z Tactical Sordin Style Combat HeadSet(A-TACS)


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Z.Tactical MSA noise canceling headphones - official version ( version 4 ) , upgraded audio chip and speaker , the sound quality is closer to the military version . Pickup obviously superior sound quality and volume of C1, C2 headphones.

Replace the battery and switch on the headset , it can capture the surrounding environment be amplified audio playback. What is noise ? Whip will burn if someone nearby shielded audio over a certain decibel hearing protection functions to achieve ! !

Using the latest version of NATO military great interface. Headset consists of two battery-powered 7 , left with wheat . And has three buttons , a reduced volume , an increase volume , an on / off .

This headset is a walkie-talkie headset , you can not pick phone , MP3, PC ! Thank you !

Headset with PTT connector is used in the military and aviation communications headset on the common American J standard 4-layer single plug ( the new version of NATO standard PTT plugs )

Name: export version ( export version ) Z-Sordin electronic anti-noise automatic pickup intercom headset third-generation product , oh, pickup super clear , you can also open a separate pickup feature !
Noise Reduction Headset
Item : Z 111
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U.S. Army Special Forces favorite !

Comment :

Automatic pickup : he was wearing headphones when you can hear outside sounds ( need to install two AAA batteries )
Digital Noise Reduction : heard a tremendous noise sound will automatically protect your hearing
PTT: push to talk call press the launch button

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