Z Tactical Sordin Style Tactical HeadSet(AOR1)


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Model: Z111-DD
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This headset is a walkie-talkie headset , you can not pick phone , MP3, PC ! Thank you !
Headset with PTT connector is used in Military and aviation communication headsets on the common American J standard 4-layer single plug
Name: export version ( export version ) Z-Sordin electronic anti-noise automatic pickup intercom headset third-generation product , oh, pickup super clear , you can also open a separate pickup feature !
Noise Reduction Headset
Pickup features: can individually about noise pickup or left , respectively , so defense bit accurate.
NW : 0.55KG
Complete set includes : Headphones + Package
U.S. Army Special Forces favorite !
Automatic pickup : he was wearing headphones when you can hear outside sounds ( need security ? ? 2 7 batteries )
 Digital Noise Reduction : heard a tremendous noise sound will automatically protect your hearing
PTT: push to talk call press the launch button Description:
 This headset two sides each have a radio microphone on the headset , the headset can receive the sound external environment , will not let you change after wearing headphones hear the sound of the external environment , the right ear headphones built two 1.5V 7 dry batteries , is to supply the components to the electronic noise , when there plosive , the headset automatically shut down to protect the auditory organ when plosive past , the headset automatically open work again.

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