Zombie Army Half Face Mask(Silver Black)


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Chiefs brand masks take you into zombies Mask mode flavors to create "zombie army", the infection will become difficult to kill zombies by humans, they are constantly hunting the remnants of humanity .......... M05 is Emirates brand according to recent popular film topic of "zombie army" for the concept design and development of a set of comfort, protection, coercion is one of the new mask! Using a self-developed environmental impact lightweight composite materials, non-toxic and tasteless to stimulate the body can safely touch! Can effectively prevent the BB into the goal, the rational design of the mask according to ergonomics, wear comfortable, breathable, and various types of explosion-proof glasses, this mask used in conjunction fragile part of the face and teeth to provide effective protection in the use conditions does not affect the visual judgment. Easy to wear helmets, headphones, and still easily cheek aiming and shooting. Players can also be carried out according to their preferences on the mask DIY, built with their own unique personality mask! Dedicated to the survival game

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